These Our Actors

These Our Actors - A Shakespeareience in 3 Parts

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Act 1: A Dream Of PassionAct 2: This Insubstantial Pageant | Act 3: The World May Witness

Made possible by a generous grant from the Peter Glenville Foundation

Produced by: Jill Jones and Michael Van Duzer | Directed by: Nick McDow Musleh
Written by: William Shakespeare | Film Editor: Keara Burton | Cinematography and Sound: Jo Noel Alvarez
Paul K Long • Joe Nassi • Mary Elizabeth Somers • Emily Unnasch • Dianne Travis
Seemah Wilder • Sandra Tucker • Suzanne Collins • Ben Scuglia • Maria Kress
Sara Shearer • Robert Christophe • Michael Van Duzer • Jill Jones • Nick McDow Musleh
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