Multimedia tales that explore the desire to escape. Written by: Jeanine Anderson, Heidi Appe, James Cox, David Johnson, Bruce Liberty, Deanne Mencher, Dina Morrone, Tatum Shank

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Trapped. Stuck. Nowhere to go. Nothing to do. Can't get away. No exit. Hands are tied. Can't do or say what you want. Nothing is going your way.
When you are feeling like any or all of the above, sometimes the only thing that makes sense is to Escape. Presented May 2020.

Produced by Garry Kluger
Jeanine Anderson • Heidi Appe • James Cox • David Johnson • Bruce Liberty • Deanne Mencher • Dina Morrone • Tatum Shank

Thank you to the Department of Cultural Affairs, DCA

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