Stanislavski Key Art

Stanislavski Seminar

Sunday, February 11, 2024 at noon

Members attend for free, but if you have friends who would enjoy the topic, please invite them.
A $5 donation would be appreciated from non-members.

This fascinating and dynamic Seminar/Demonstration is focused on the work of the man who revolutionized the art of acting. 

Our speaker, Sharon Marie Carnicke will explore the value of taking a fresh look at Stanislavski’s last, most innovative rehearsal technique, Active Analysis. She will be joined by Theatre West members for a demonstration focused on the topic.

An Introduction to our Speaker

SHARON MARIE CARNICKE--author of Dynamic Acting through Active Analysis and Stanislavsky in Focus--is an award-winning expert on Stanislavsky’s System and an internationally acclaimed acting teacher. Her next book, Acting Among Stars, will focus on classic techniques for screen acting. Her next public workshop will focus on film acting at the upcoming S-Word Symposium in London in May. 


 “Carnicke gives Stanislavsky a humanity that does not exist in other texts and presents Active Analysis as a usable methodology for any actor or director. A true gift!”

Milton Justice, Academy Award and Emmy Award Winning Producer, Director, and Acting Teacher

“With intelligence, wit, compassion and respect for the traditions of theatre, Carnicke guides us to an understanding of Active Analysis and its continuing vitality in our ever changing world.”

Mary Joan Negro, Actor, Director, Tony Award Nominee, and Founding Member of John Houseman’s the Acting Company

“In our current moment as we transition to more collaborative environments, Active Analysis will prove to be a boon for rising theatre artists.”

Anne Bogart, Founder and Co-Artistic Director of SITI Company

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