Aladdin, the Princess and the Magic Lamp

Storybook Theatre's Aladdin, the Princess and the Magic Lamp

A Family Friendly Audience Participation Musical

"Aladdin, the Princess and the Magic Lamp" is a family friendly audience participation musical with catchy songs and dancing. Go on the journey with Aladdin and the Genie as they figure out how the magic lamp can help them defeat an Evil Magician and bring Aladdin home where he meets the princess of his dreams. What would you do if a genie gave you wishes?

October 7th, 2023 - January 13th, 2024

*There will be shows on Thanksgiving weekend.
There will be no performances on Saturday, December 23 and Saturday, December 30.

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Written by Lloyd J. Schwartz | Music and Lyrics by Lloyd J. Schwartz
Directed by: Barbara Mallory | Produced by: Barbara Mallory
Oscar Nava • Hasan Crawford • Bonnie Kalisher • Paul Denniston • Cecil Jennings • Scottie Nevil • Deanna Michelle • Elise Walters
Meg Lin

Choreography by: Bonnie Kalisher | Set Design by: Ashley Taylor & Ernest McDaniel

Storybook is open for field trips.
Aladdin, the Princess and the Magic Lamp is open for birthday parties.

 Coming February 17, 2024, "Cinderella"!