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The Adventures of Peter Rabbit

Storybook Theatre Presents A Hoppity Family Musical

Directed by Anthony Gruppuso | Produced by Barbara Mallory and Lloyd Schwartz
Alex Mashikian (Understudy Chris Quazzo) • Ashley Fox Linton (Understudy Kristina Price)
Kathy Garrick / Saratoga Ballantine • Will Collyer / David P. Johnson


Peter Rabbit002

Book and Lyrics: Anthony GruppusoMusic: Matt Dahan
 Mark Michello | Set Design: Ashley Taylor | Sound Design & Lights: David P. Johnson

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Peter Rabbit features Alex Mashikian  as Peter Rabbit, with Chris Quazzo as Understudy, Ashley Fox Linton as Cottontail, with Kristina Price as Understudy, Kathy Garrick & Saratoga Ballantine as Nana Bunny and Will Collyer & David P. Johnson as Mr. McGregor.

 The creative team includes Writer & Lyricist Anthony Gruppuso, Composer Matt Dahan, Director Anthony Gruppuso, Producers Barbara Mallory & Lloyd Schwartz, Choreographer Mark Michello, Set Designer Ashley Taylor, Sound Designer & Lighting Designer David P. Johnson.

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Storybook Theatre has been presenting young children and their families with fun, age appropriate interactive theatre and musicals for 35 years. Classic fairy tales are adapted for the stage and set to music with plenty of opportunities to wiggle, move and shout. The show is 50 minutes long with a juice and cookie intermission. After the show children can meet the cast and get autographs.