Love is a Journey: a Collection of LGBTQ Shorts

Love is a Journey

A Collection of LGBTQ Shorts

Theatre West presents its first-ever evening of LGBTQ-themed short plays and monologues. "Love is a Journey," a program of staged readings in celebration of Los Angeles Gay Pride, explores the bond between longtime partners and the dedication of lifelong companions, the heat of erotic attraction and the intensity of platonic friendship. Six playwrights, eleven short plays and monologues, one unforgettable event.

Sunday, June 2 at 2:00 PM and Saturday, June 8 at 8:00 PM
Produced by Garry Kluger and Benjamin Scuglia | Written by Garry Kluger, Benjamin Scuglia, Ashley Taylor and Michael Van Duzer
Riley Rae Baker • Deanna Gandy • Zachary Luna • Shae Popovich • Benjamin Scuglia • Bill Sehres • Sheila Shaw
Ashley Taylor • Stephen Monroe Taylor • Tammy Taylor • Sandra Tucker • Michael Van Duzer

From Benjamin Scuglia: “As a playwright and passionate theatre artist, I am committed to bringing LGBTQ voices and the stories of my community to the stage. When I realized Theatre West, where I am a member, had never produced an LGBTQ event, and with 2019 L.A. Pride quickly approaching, I saw an opportunity to put queer stories on our stage and to showcase our writing and acting talent. 'Love is a Journey' examines, tests and ultimately celebrates the bonds between long-term friends, committed partners and even strangers meeting for the first time.”