Westfest 2012


New Works Festival

May 4th - June 3rd, 2012
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm. Sundays at 2pm
Each Weekend a Different Program
West Fest Producer - Jill Jones

All Shows at Theatre West are Wheelchair Accessible.
Bathrooms are not Wheelchair Accessible.

Week One | Week two | Week Three | Week four | Week five

Week One

May 4-5 at 8pm | May 6 at 2pm


The Wall

A Comedy Romantic

Jeff's a funny but hostile comic. Susan's a serious but psychotic activist. He needs to shut up. She needs to lighten up. Will love triumph?

Written by Charlie Mount | Directed by Charlie Mount
Lukas Bailey ● Emily Bridges ● Joey Jennings

Week Two

May 11-12 at 8pm | May 13 at 2pm



A famous pilot and a glamorous actress, both vying for the same job, meet in a Hollywood producer’s waiting room.

Written by Victoria Vidal | Directed by Marcia Rodd
Lee Meriwether ● Sandra J. Tucker ● John Candelaria ● Robert W. Laur ● Steve Franken


Why Me?

After being fired, having her car stolen and discovering that her husband is having an affair with her best friend,
maybe she has good reason to wonder..."Why Me?"

Written by Roy Battocchio | Directed by John Gallogly
Anne Leyden


No Woman Left Behind

Two young battle tested women soldiers return from Iraq and attempt to resume their quiet lives in their small Texas town.

Written by Kent Hamilton | Directed by Arden Lewis
Corinne Shor ● Victoia Rabitcheff


Transit Arrest

Two men waiting for a bus unexpectedly discover the meaning of blue dolphins and tattoos.

Written by Teddy Gersten | Directed by Kres Mersky
Abbott Alexander ● Drew Katzman


The Plot Thickens

Two old friends bump into each other at the cemetery and discover there's a lot going on in each other’s lives
that they really weren't aware of. But maybe "digging up" the past isn't such a good idea after all.

Written by Roy Battocchio | Directed by Stu Berg
Jack Kutcher ● Roger Kent Cruz

Week Three

May 18-19 at 8pm | May at 10 2pm


Faith Country

The Faith County Fairgrounds in Mineola “ A town somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the “South”
– A place where beehive hairdos are still the rage and Saturday nights are reserved for the tractor pull in nearby Pickler.

Written by Mark Landon Smith | Directed by Stu Berg
Layla Galloway ● Katie Adler ● Nikki D’Amico ● Magda Harout ● Seemah Wilder
Yancey Dunham ● Dianne Travis ● Cal Bartlett ● Don Moss

Week Four

May 25-26 at 8pm | May 27 at 2pm


What Happened On The Subway

Two sisters; one ape.

Written by Lloyd J. Schwartz | Directed by Lloyd J. Schwartz
Jeanine Anderson ● Barbara Mallory


Ms. Furr / Ms. Skeene

Written by Gertrude Stein | Created and Directed by Laura James
Laura James


What Can We Say To Her?

After the play, you just want to get away.

Written by Lloyd J. Schwartz | Directed by Lloyd J. Schwartz
Kathie Barnes, Anne Leyden, Bill Sehres


The Nameless One

Sometimes things just happen and in its apparent simplicity is its complexity. Or maybe it's the other way around

Written by Abbott Alexander | Directed by Abbott Alexander
Abbott Alexander

Week Five

June 1-2 at 8pm | June 3 at 2pm


The Tango Singer

The true story of famous tango singer Carlos Gardel & partner Jose Razzano, involved with the same passionate woman at the beginning of the
20th Century in Buenos Aires' brothels & bars. The menage-a-trois climbs social echelons and triumphs in Europe, exporting tangos
to Parisian High-Society, risking friendships, testing loyalty and weighing the price of success.

Written by John R. Lacey | Directed by John R. Lacey
Saratoga Ballantine ● Agustin Coppola ● Daniel Keough ● Victoria Lavan ● Barbara Perry ● Anibal Silveyra

Choreography: Alicia Savio | Musical Direction: Victoria Lavan