Sunday Night Reading Series

December 9th, 2012

Elwood P. Dowd is an affable man who claims to have an unseen (and presumably imaginary) friend Harvey — whom Elwood describes as a six-foot, one-and-one-half-inch tall pooka resembling an anthropomorphic rabbit. Elwood introduces Harvey to everyone he meets. His social-climbing sister, Veta, increasingly finds his eccentric behavior embarrassing. She decides to have him committed to a sanitarium to spare her and her daughter Myrtle Mae from future embarrassment. When they arrive at the sanitarium, a comedy of errors ensues.  

Written by Mary Chase
Directed by Marvin Kaplan
Kathy Barnes • Jacque Lynn Colton • Steve Nevil • Victoria Vidal • Katie Adler • Anthony Gruppuso • Paul Denniston
Don Moss • Dianne Travis • Jack Kutcher • Bill Sehres

Assistant to Director & Narrator: Victoria Vidal