Out Of Your Head

Out Of Your Head

Theatre West Presents An unusual evening of theatre

October 22nd - 23rd, 2011
Created by the Theatre West Associate Workshop Members
Produced and Directed by Laura James

A group of young people enact real life events from their own lives that have been carefully tucked away, and play with other unconscious meanderings from other sources.

David Baer ● Elizabeth Bradshaw ● Charles Byun ● Edward Gallogly ● Lizzie Higgs ● Neysa Lozano ● Michael Pammit
Maxmiliano Rosas ● Stephany Rosa ● Deborah Webb-Thomas ● Kimberly Woods ● Kristin Wiegand

Lighting Design: Yancey Dunham | Choreography: Brian Frette

Call For Info
(323) 851-7977