Moose On The Loose (The RE-BOOT)

Moose On The Loose (The RE-BOOT)

A comedy about an Italian family and a Canadian moose.

When a loose moose wanders into town holding a Molson Canadian beer and gets stuck in the Polish neighbor’s camper trailer, four generations of an Italian/Canadian immigrant family from Calabria in Southern Italy soon realize the moose isn’t the only one who is stuck, displaced, and confused.

April 14, 2023 – May 21, 2023
Fridays and Saturdays 8pm
Sundays 2pm

Plus one *Special Sensory Friendly Relaxed Performance – Date TBA - A Sensory Friendly performance is a theater production that welcomes individuals with sensory needs, including people on the autism spectrum, as well as first-time theatergoers and young children. The show is modified to allow for patron movement, staff and actors are trained to accommodate patron needs, and all patrons are welcome to experience theater in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

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Tickets: $35 – advance - $40 door

*COVID Policy:
Masks must be worn at all times in the theatre except for children younger than three years.
The actors will remove their masks only while performing.

Written by: Dina Morrone
Directed by: Peter Flood | Produced by: Dina Morrone

- “I cannot tell a lie... Moose On The Loose is really funny and surprisingly moving!” 
- Mel Brooks 

Set Design: Jeff Rack | Publicity: Phil Sokoloff

Theatre West Managing Director: Eugene J. Hutchins

Press & Reviews:
Reviews from previous productions in different theaters in Los Angeles and Canada


- Broadway World

“If you love ethnic comedies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding or more specifically comedies about Italians such as Buon Natale or Moonstruck,
you will love Moose on the Loose.” (Recommended)
- Don Grigware

“…A great night at the theater that I would gladly recommend to all.” (Recommended)
– Yahoo On-Line

“Dina must have studied Shakespeare at some point, because this story line has all of the epic marks of that great playwright.”
- Lake Superior News

“Moose On The Loose is a comedy spinning on the questions of who are we, where are we, and where are we going.”
- Eye Spy LA

“Dina Morrone’s play shines with wit, verve, and good natured double entandres. A very satisfying comedy.”
- Italo-Americano & Accenti Magazine

“Moose on the Loose is a heart-warming, feel good play that will leave you smiling and ready to watch it again.”  (Recommended)
- Jackie Houchin's Reviews

“Call your brother, your crazy aunt or take your Nona to see Moose on the Loose. You will laugh and enjoy the spirit of family.”
- The Walleye

“This gentle character-based ensemble piece achieves its unpretentious ambitions, with Peter Flood’s direction setting an appropriately breezy tone.” (Recommended)
- LA Times

“You want to make people laugh? Bring together elements that don’t belong together and give them a situation that doesn’t fit and you got a winner!” (Recommended)

“What a fun and heartfelt moose it turned out to be.”

“A pleasantly old-fashioned family comedy, affectionately but keenly observed, and deftly directed by Peter Flood.”
- LA Weekly

“The large, well-cast group of actors present funny, thoroughly Italian, and tender performances.”

“Packs a delightful PUNCH with its extended family comedy.”
- Edge Of The Net

“One Feisty Frolic of a play, done up in entertainingly exaggerated Italian style.”
- The Source

“I get the humor around Italian immigrant characters and so does Morrone because she nails ever line. And there were a couple of scenes by the patriarch of the family that really choked me up.” (Recommended)
- LA Times

“A zany Italian comedy that kept the audience laughing, while exploring each character’s passions and deep sense of ‘familia’… this one was a lot of fun!”
- The Tolucan Times

“Peter Flood directs this wonderful Comedy. His cast is absolutely ingenious; their characters hilarious, their timing precise.” (Recommended)