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Theatre Arts Boot Camp


  • Grades 3rd-6th
  • Monday-Friday June 18 – June 29, 2018
  • 9am – 3pm
  • PERFORMANCE on Thursday, June 28th at 7 pm
  • Cost is $600/camper with a 10% early bird discount (register by April 23rd).
  • We can only accommodate 25 campers on a first come-first served basis!

Our campers will produce and perform a comedy for kids, written by Arden Lewis and Charlie Mount. Campers will explore the arts of theatre, dance and music. This two-week intensive theatre workshop brings all the theatrical elements together, adding costume and lights, culminating in a Thursday night performance. On the last Friday of camp, we will strike the set and have a cast party during regular camp hours. This is a creative, high energy experience that welcomes all campers of all levels and abilities. Sack Lunch is required with a light afternoon snack provided.

Director: Christi Anderson

Supervising Director:  Arden Lewis or 818-220-2685 (text or call)

DIRECTOR Christi Anderson has directed summer day camps every summer since 2009. She has loved, encouraged, nurtured, inspired and motivated over 1,000 children in her capacity as a camp director. Christi is a single mom with three children, is a former competitive and professional figure skater; an actress (member of SAG-AFTRA); a photographer and a writer. She believes everyone is a work of art and should be loved, cherished and accepted, exactly as they are!


“You would find Christi everywhere during camp, whether it be working the lights on stage, singing with the children during a music class, or cutting some grapes for 120 kids, she was always involved in every aspect of the camp life, and adored by all.”

“Christi saw my daughter’s value as a part of the community, and went the extra mile to meaningfully include her in everything – even as she was directing a huge group of rowdy kids in putting together a show! “

“She is one of those people who genuinely enjoys children, and they know it. She is quick to laugh, and her energy is contagious. Christi brings this spirit of fun to her camps.”

“I was so impressed by the energy, commitment and heart that Christi  brought to her work.”

“Christi believes in helping kids identify their strengths and celebrating them. She is a kind, creative, hard-working person who knows how to engage kids with fun, support, involvement, and new opportunities.”