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Goldilocks and the Three BearsGoldilocks befriends the three bears and begins a friendship with Baby Bear.  Through Goldilocks and Baby Bear, Goldilocks’ parents and Mama and Papa Bear learn that they have more in common than they thought and learn to respect each other. It’s a happy, original show with a huge amount of opportunities for audience participation. Goldilocks and the Three Bears is perfect entertainment for kids aged 3 to 9 as they get out of their seats and get on stage to have a great time. The whole family is welcome. Special arrangements are always available for birthday parties, school field trips and groups.


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LA Weekly

Suitable for the kindergarten set, writer Scott Martin’s benign adaptation of the classic children’s story features Caitlin Gallogly as a friendly and cherished little girl, whose mom (Bonnie Kalisher) just isn’t a good cook. Searching for adventure, the tyke stumbles upon the three bears’ habitat and, after sampling their food and furniture, makes off with the recipe for Mama Bear’s delicious porridge. She’s tracked down (with the help of the audience) by Teddy Bear (Jason Galloway); the two meet, find they have much in common, then teach their parents (both sets are played by Kalisher and Anthony Gruppuso) to be unafraid and respectful of each other. Composer Richard Berent’s tunes are simple but catchy, as are some of the lyrics (credited to Martin and Rob Meurer). The performers are veterans of this larger-than-life storytelling style; Gallogly is especially endearing and easy to relate to. Lloyd J. Schwartz and Barbara Mallory Schwartz co-direct. Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Blvd. W., L.A.; Sat., 1 p.m.; through March 1. (323) 851-7977, (Deborah Klugman)


Theater review Goldilocks

By Ben Miles

“Goldilocks,” the fairytale, has also been called The Story of the Three Bears, as well as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The prose narrative is traced to an anonymous 1837 collection of writings, now thought to belong to British poet and author Robert Southey.

Over the decades Goldilocks has become so influential in our culture, and throughout the English-speaking world, that a storytelling technique from Goldilocks – what journalist Christopher Booker has termed the “dialectical three,” where “the first [thing] is wrong in one way, the second [thing is wrong] in another or opposite way, and only the third [thing], in the middle, is just right” – has become a mainstay not only of western literature; it’s also as a marker used by disciplines as varied as biology, economics, engineering, and psychology to indicate a more or less optimal state of affairs. In this context it’s known as the Goldilocks principle.

Now Storybook Theatre, at Los Angeles’ Theatre West, has – using the standard four-character title, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” – creatively tweaked the story  so that in an hour’s running time seven song and dance routines are skillfully delivered by a dedicated cast of performers. There’s Lukas Bailey as Daddy Locks/ Papa bear (switching off with Anthony Gruppuso); Constance Jewell as Mommy Locks/ Mama Bear (taking turns with Bonnie Kalisher); Caitlin Gallogly as Goldilocks; and Nick McDow as Teddy Bear (alternating with Jason Galloway).

And when this sextet performs We’re a Happy Family or A Little Like Me, the audience – both adults and children – are brought into the story not only vicariously; in the case of the kids, many are brought onstage and given plenty of opportunity to participate. The joy is palpable. What’s more, thanks to Rob Meurer’s lyrics, Richard Berent’s music, the fun-filled and fulfilling vision of co-directors Barbara Mallory Schwartz and Lloyd J. Schwartz, and the hardworking performance troupe, this Goldilocks and the Three Bears provides a valuable lesson on diversity and tolerance.

Storybook Theatre’s Goldilocks and the Three Bears continues indefinitely at Theatre West. Theatre West is located at 3333 Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles (near Universal City).  Performances are Saturdays at 1 p.m. For reservations and information, call (818) 761-2203. For online ticketing, visit

*Storybook Theatre is available for birthday parties, field-trips, and school-based creative drama workshops. For more information, refer to the phone number above.  



We do non-threatening, interactive musicals with a message for children 3 – 9 years old.  The Los Angeles Times calls us “simply the best at what they do”, and Los Angeles Magazine says we are the “best in the City for the squirmy set”. Most importantly, LA Parent Magazine’s recent parent survey ranked us as the No 1 children’s theatre in Southern California.

aladdinMagicianStorybook Theatre, founded by Lloyd J. Schwartz and Barbara Mallory Schwartz, has been pre- senting children’s plays for over 26 years at Theatre West. Storybook has won over 34 Valley The- atre League Awards, LA Parent has called Storybook “the best children’s theatre in the city,” LA Magazine says it’s, “one of the 200 reasons not to leave LA.” Matt Asner’s Autism Speaks Foundation, one of the world’s leading science and advocacy organizations, has recently partnered up with Storybook Theatre.


We offer reduced rates for schools, and weekday matinees at 10 am to accommodate lunch needs.  Storybook Theatre also is available for theatre games at the theatre, or its professional actors will come into your school for an unforgettable session.

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