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March 28 thru July, 2015
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Produced by Barbara Mallory Schwartz
Book and lyrics by Lloyd J. Schwartz
Music by Michael Paul
Directed by Anthony Gruppuso

Charleene Closshey / Caitlin Gallogly – Cinderella
David Johnson – Prince Charming
Constance Jewell Lopez – Fairy Godmother
Barbara Mallory Schwartz – Step Mother and Step Sisters

Julia Smith,Deborah Webb Thomas, Leona Britton-Bailey, James Patrick Cronin




The Geek Authority

“Fantastically Fun & ‘Charming’ for Kids of ALL Ages- That’s Theatre Wests’ “Cinderella””

Written By Lorenzo Marchessi
Children’s theatre doesn’t get much better than this! You got a take the really young ones, the kids, your neighbors kids – or just yourself – out to see this very fresh and original production of “Cinderella” at Theatre West which is done in association with their Storybook Theatre. With the smart book and clever lyrics written by Lloyd J. Schwartz, along, with the wonderful music composed by Michael Paul, you and your family will be in for an amazing, fun and interactive (for the kids) musical treat.

Director Anthony Gruppuso chose a wonderful group of performers to portray these classic and iconic characters that every child (inside all of us) adores. This show is interactive and Cinderella asks for help from the audience both to get information and help her discover what she really wants and it seemed to thrill the children in the audience to end. Children, if they choose, can ride horses with the Prince, go to the Ball and even help the figure out who actually fits that glass slipper! It was just as much fun to watch this incredible cast improv with these kids because you never know what these kids will do or say or how they will interact with their favorite fairytale characters coming to life right in front of their eyes.

Charleene Closshey plays Cinderella. She is warm, light on her feet and so friendly and enchanting with the kids – you will think that the animated feature character just walked off the screen and right onto this stage. Her beautiful voice is only surpassed by her incredible beauty as she hides behind her dirty rag clothing. But, wait till you see the Fairy Godmother’s dress she gets her for the ball – whoosh! I can tell Charleene is having a ‘ball’ (pun intended) with the kids as she completely improves her reactions to adjust to the kid’s and does it completely in character. Her song “More To Life” is exactly what you’d expect this poor servant girl to sing and it truly showcases Charleene’s incredible talents! She’s just wonderfully enchanting!

David P. Johnson is the Prince. He comes out dashing on his oversized ‘hobby horse’ and sings his way into the audiences heart as he too has some wonderful interaction with the kids, and adults as we watch. He is the one who gets the kids to ride into the Kingdom with him on smaller ‘hobby horses’ and David does a very natural and very funny improvisations as he interacts with all the kids who want to try on the glass slipper to see if it fits them! “Someone To Share My Life” is his song and with his pride and passion David gives it his all and sings so sincerely that the audience cheers with hopeful applause that he really does get his girl! He was so ‘Charming’! (Yes, I went there.)

Constance Jewell Lopez plays the Fairy Godmother. This girl has spunk, spirit and wonderful comic chops that every kid in the audience was ‘magically’ lifted into her world of song and laughter. Constance has wonderful singing voice and her song “I Believe” was so interactive she had the adults singing and clapping along with the kids too! She is especially funny in her interaction, looks and reactions with not-so-nice Stepmother and the equally annoying Stepsisters. She can grant my wishes anyday!

Babara Mallory plays the triple roles of the ‘evil’ Stepmother and, using very colorful and full-figured hand puppets, the not-so-nice stepsisters named Bertha and Ertha. Barbara is having an energetic and fantastic time playing the ‘baddie’ and doing it with three personalities. Her interaction with the kids and the audience was hysterical to watch not to mention her song “Ugliest Girl In the City” had all the kids getting really mad at her for being so mean to Cinderella. She’s such a meany!

This was such a fun play to watch! Theatre West’s and Storybook Theatre’s production of “Cinderella” is nothing short of fun, funny and yes, ‘Charming’ – pun definitely intended. And your kids will love to help Prince, the Fairy Godmother and of course Cinderella herself as their adventure unfolds. (And the kids are also booing and sneering at the evil stepmother and stepsisters the whole time through!) This is truly children’s theatre at its best because when you have a great story, wonderful performers, cleverly fun direction, lots of fun and cheery music and the spirit of laughter and ‘Happily Ever After’ – you just can’t go wrong! Check them out at and tell them Lorenzo Marchessi of The Geek Authority sent you! (




We do non-threatening, interactive musicals with a message for children 3 – 9 years old.  The Los Angeles Times calls us “simply the best at what they do”, and Los Angeles Magazine says we are the “best in the City for the squirmy set”. Most importantly, LA Parent Magazine’s recent parent survey ranked us as the No 1 children’s theatre in Southern California.

aladdinMagicianStorybook Theatre, founded by Lloyd J. Schwartz and Barbara Mallory Schwartz, has been pre- senting children’s plays for over 26 years at Theatre West. Storybook has won over 34 Valley The- atre League Awards, LA Parent has called Storybook “the best children’s theatre in the city,” LA Magazine says it’s, “one of the 200 reasons not to leave LA.” Matt Asner’s Autism Speaks Foundation, one of the world’s leading science and advocacy organizations, has recently partnered up with Storybook Theatre.


We offer reduced rates for schools, and weekday matinees at 10 am to accommodate lunch needs.  Storybook Theatre also is available for theatre games at the theatre, or its professional actors will come into your school for an unforgettable session.

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