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Storybook Theatre



Returns Nov 26, 2016 | Saturdays at 1PM
Adults $12., Children $10
Call (818) 761-2203 | Buy Tickets Online

Birthday Parties! School Field Trips!
Discounts Available for School Field Trips During the Week.
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Book and Lyrics: Lloyd J. Schwartz
Music: Michael Paul
Producer: Barbara Mallory
Director: David P. Johnson
Stage Manager – Leesa Freed and David P. Johnson
Photos: Bonnie Kalisher
Sleeping Beauty: Kira Brannlund and Emily Rose McLeod
Morbid: Bonnie Kalisher (Understudy: Kerry Melachouris)
The Queen: Laura Wolfe and Julie McKay
The King: Lukas Bailey
The Handsome Prince: David P. Johnson and James Cronin


REVIEW‘Sleeping Beauty’ awakens at Theatre West

It all started in 1917 when the Brothers Grimm first published their captivating fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty.” Over the years the tale was spun in many ways all over the world including in a major Disney movie and endless stage plays. But right now and right here in Southern California the time is now and the place is Theatre West where in the shadows of Universal City Theatre West in association with Storybook Theatre presents “Sleeping Beauty” every Saturday at 1:00 p.m. now through July 9th.

edc2d9292177a40657083a6068924422You know this tale, it all starts when a very jealous fairy puts an evil spell on the new child born to the king and queen. According to this spell once the princess turns 15 years old she will prick her finger on a wheel and instantly fall into a deep sleep for 100 years. Sure enough the girl turns 15, pricks her finger and falls asleep for a century. Different incarnations have different nuances but that is pretty much the core of the story along with the happy handsome Prince ending. As being told now at Theatre West it is an utterly charming, very warm and in the words of the ultimate theatrical critic my most granddaughter Somaya “Sweet.”

Believe it or not it is also a musical. Oh don’t worry Broadway isn’t getting nervous but several songs are delivered effectively by a superb cast adding even more joy to the total experience. It is also a very interactive production meaning that most if not all of the children in the audience gets to step on stage and join in the play. You can’t help but to believe that such an experience will remain forever a very fond memory for the children as well as their parents.

Its target audience is clearly children from about age 3 through about age 10. Oh and parents do enjoy the show as well if for no other reason than watching their children be thoroughly and beautifully entertained. It is truly magic. “Sleeping Beauty” in its Theatre West incarnation is fun and warm and filled with positive messages aimed squarely at the children and is an experience every parent should give to their children while they can.

Discover Hollywood: “… a dollop of warmth, a whole lot of loving and a major helping of FUN!”



We do non-threatening, interactive musicals with a message for children 3 – 9 years old.  The Los Angeles Times calls us “simply the best at what they do”, and Los Angeles Magazine says we are the “best in the City for the squirmy set”. Most importantly, LA Parent Magazine’s recent parent survey ranked us as the No 1 children’s theatre in Southern California.

aladdinMagicianStorybook Theatre, founded by Lloyd J. Schwartz and Barbara Mallory Schwartz, has been pre- senting children’s plays for over 26 years at Theatre West. Storybook has won over 34 Valley The- atre League Awards, LA Parent has called Storybook “the best children’s theatre in the city,” LA Magazine says it’s, “one of the 200 reasons not to leave LA.” Matt Asner’s Autism Speaks Foundation, one of the world’s leading science and advocacy organizations, has recently partnered up with Storybook Theatre.


We offer reduced rates for schools, and weekday matinees at 10 am to accommodate lunch needs.  Storybook Theatre also is available for theatre games at the theatre, or its professional actors will come into your school for an unforgettable session.

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