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Family Only



By Darryl Vinyard

Directed by Arden Teresa Lewis
Produced by Benjamin Scuglia

Riley Rae Baker • Roger Kent Cruz • Frank Gangarossa •  Anne Leyden • Sheila Shaw • Dianne Travis

February 10 thru March 19, 2017

FREE previews Wednesday, February 8 & Thursday, February 9
Pay-what-you-want performance and post-show Q&A with cast and crew Sunday, February 19
FREE parking in the Panasonic lot across the street.


Will and his wife Nicky have just purchased their first home. Full of excitement and pride, they throw a house warming but instead of inviting friends and co-workers, Will feels this party will carry more meaning and be more special if celebrated by family only. Instead of being happy for Will and Nicky’s success, each family member brings their own problems to the party. They all demand that their needs come first and call Will selfish for not helping to fix his family’s troubles.

Throughout the party questions of familial obligation are asked:  just what do we owe family members in their time of need? How much do we give? Do family debts ever get forgiven? Is what’s owed never forgotten until it’s paid back?

If Will’s family keeps pressuring him to have their selfish desires met, then it will lead to the disintegration of their family. In the end, Will’s sacrifice forces everybody to re-examine the values that are truly most important and that keep a family together.