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Please include Theatre West in your year end charitable giving!  Your donation will help us stage provocative shows and introduce children to live theatre in 2018.


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Theatre West is trying to raise $55,000.00 in order to keep our original productions, workshops, children’s programming and LAUSD in-school education initiatives growing and developing into the future! Give the price of a Latte — or a Lot more!




Donate through PayPal

Donate by Mail

Make all checks payable to Theatre West and mail to:
Theatre West
3333 Cahuenga Blvd West
Los Angeles, CA 90068


 Ways your tax deductible donation can help….
  • $100 brings 10 children to a play
  • $500 underwrites a month of the Associates program for Young Actors
  • $1,000 pays for buses for 150 children
  • $5,000 underwrites a Storybook production opening

Because of your generosity, Theatre West can continue to bring the arts to our community of children, neighbors, community members and theatre lovers.

Help to heal and unite our community with the power of Art.


  • Ahmanson Foundation
  • Bloomberg Philanthropies
  • Dwight Stuart Youth Foundation
  • Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
  • Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Los Angeles County Arts Commission
  • The Lear Family Foundation
  • Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation
  • NBC Universal
  • Councilman David Ryu
  • So Cal Gas
  • Actors Equity Association
  • The Kaplan-Loring Foundation
  • Cars2Charities 


Katherine Cunnion
Linda Rand
Silvia Jacob
Samara Cogan
Emma Fahrlander
Tammy Todd
Ruth Leach-Stevens
Cheryl McCoy
Tracy Schneider
Sharyn Herne
Eileen Anglim
Sara Anderson
Anna Mae
Terri L Rykard
Kim Nesbitt
Jamie Witham
Kimberly Hope
Amanda Gillispie
India Mae Busby
Chris Casey
Stephanie Guerrin
Billie Jaso
Gary Chun
Sarah Burnhope
Patti Short
Kajsa Lahger Klarström
Pat G
Connie Mellors
Deanne Mencher
Jay Allen
Joan Lawton
Robin Giangarra
Erin Moore
Benjamin Scuglia
Jen Schmid
Lesley Aletter
Kelly Burns
Neil Elliot
Arlene Rosen
Rita Shor
Harry Lam
Leona Britton-Bailey
Mark G.
Jean Brown
Nadine F.
Cynthia Allan
Mary Britton
Shirley Kendrick
Charity Owensby
Jule Selbo
Ernie Mc Daniel
Paul Gunning
James Young
Shin Dee
Heidi Tandy
Colleen Jones
Barbara Tarbuck
Cheryl Kennedy
Mark S Anderson
Kelly Perine
Carol Jones
Caroline Moore
Afnan Linjawi
Barbara Nell Beery
Larry Bowman
The Kluger Family
Wendy Soltes
Penni E
Tom O’Leary
Tammy Weber
Bev Saidel
Alyssa Gowin
Deborah Brook
George M Sonneborn
Marshall C Milligan
Sarah Selby
Heather Thomas
Tomoko Hoshi
Kevin McClure
Dawn A. Jackson
Gina Dawitch
Dawn Stiens
Kendra Jackson
Jeffrey D. Hamilton
Susan Widger
Sheryl Eldredge
Jennifer Iden
Marilee Wyman
Maria Lawyer
Pacific Opera Project
Kristi Craker
Nancy Meacham
Jen René Fukuzawa
Louise Baxter
Steven Goins
Kelly Myers
Denise Mill
Angie Lander
Kayla Suckow
Michael Creith
Super Girl
Catherine Biggs
Charles Guzzi
Pamela Barondess
Tom Forselles
Andrew Walker
Cindy Smith
Elke Makowski
Matthew Creith
Worker Studio
Judith Allen
Janice Ben-Aderet
Wendy Gibson
Andrea Goff
Susan Steinhauser
Kimberley Patton
Roger Kent Cruz
Jodi Burke
Michael Reid Carter
Robin Weisel
Chris Probst
Tammy Holman
Jane Herman
Elaise Piper
Michelle Kennedy
Heather White
Linsey McCoun
Alice C. Hunt
Aurora Sutch
Christopher Lola
Risa JB
Sue Love
Jennifer Tse
Kathy Huelsemann
Jodi Scott
Michelle Higgs
William Blinn
Jill Jones
Corinne Shor
Martin E. Brooks
Lyn Palmer
Andrea Iaderosa
Kathie Barnes
Luiza Mendoza
Paul Gallogly
Irina M. Hirchberger
Joanna West
Stephanie Compton
Hina Ansari
Anthony DiNovo
Tina Hirsch
Donald Moss
Marianne Joyce
Jeanine Anderson
Maria Kress
Christina Reynolds
Mary VanArsdel
Rebecca Sims
Courtney Webb
Roger & Anne Wolf
Tracy Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Riccio
Sheelagh Semper
Arden T. Lewis
Cyndi Fox
Tina M. Gilbertsen
Diane Stroebel
Philippa Chapman
Jim Beaver
Clare Millar
Kenneth Robins
Donald Moore
Lisa Riefer
Alan Schack
H Newcomb
Santiago Montero
Jordan Pittmon
Tania Fuentes Pavez
Rachel Corey
Myriem Seabron
Becky Gilreath
Katherine Kelley
Kathi Seymour
Ted Heyck
Lee Meriwether
Sam Randall
Dina Morrone


3333 Cahuenga Blvd. West, LA, CA 90068

Main Office: (323) 851-4839
Box Office: (323) 851-7977
Storybook Box Office: (818) 761-2203

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