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Theatre West is a workshop-oriented company. Weekly workshops are offered in Acting, Writing, Musical Comedy and Shakespeare. They are only open to Theatre West members.


NOTE: THEATRE WEST IS A DUES PAYING COMPANY. Dues are $50 a month with a one time initiation fee of $100. First year members must also volunteer at the theatre for a minimum of 6 hours per month. It is a great way to get aquainted with the company.

How To Join  

ACTORS • First submit a picture and resume. Mail Pics, Resumes, Scripts and other material to: Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Blvd West, Hollywood CA 90068, If invited to audition you will be contacted once audition dates are announced (usually in November). If selected to audition you will be asked to do a prepared monolgue and a scene (your scene partner does not have to be an invited auditioner). The total time for both the monologue and the scene should not be more than 5 minutes. (If your partner also wants to do a monologue, your total alloted time will be 8 minutes.) Theatre West Actors pay a $100 initiation fee and $50 per month in dues. Mandatory volunteer work hours are required in the first year of membership.There is no fee to audition. Some actors who are not voted into membership may be asked if they’d like to be an Associate Member (see below).

IMG_1429PLAYWRIGHTS • Playwrights are asked to submit a full length play (no screenplays) and email them to in a PDF Format. It will be read by at least three Theatre West members who will offer their critique to the Board and the Writing Workshop Moderator who will vote upon membership. Theatre West Writers pay a $100 initiation fee and $50 per month in dues. Mandatory volunteer work hours are required in the first year of membership.

ASSOCIATES • We are looking for talented and dedicated young actors interested in making Theatre West their artistic home. To petition to be an Associate please submit a picture and resume and cover letter.  The Associate Program at Theatre West is a two-year program.  Associate members pay $10 a month dues and are required to attend a Thursday evening acting workshop from 7 to 10 PM.  Associate members are also required to complete a work call from 6 to 7 PM on Thursday evenings before the Associate Workshop begins.  This entails the general cleaning and maintenance of the theatre. Associates are invited to attend all evening company workshops in Acting, Playwriting, Musical Theatre and Shakespeare.  Associate members are also able to audition for all projects at Theatre West. Associates are eligible to join as full company members after two years of successfully completing the Associate Program, following Artistic Board approval.  No associate may remain in the Associate Program for more than two years.

DIRECTORS • Directors may join as an “observing Member” by submitting a resume. they then have three months to mount a scene with company members which will act as their audition for the company. As “Observing Members” Directors do not pay dues (nor can they vote, etc). After they are accepted into the company they pay the regular monthly dues. ($50 per month, plus mandatory work hours the first year).

TECHNICAL MEMBERS • Technical Theatre Members are usually brought into productions by company members familiar with their work, though you may certainly send in a resume approved for membership by the Board. Technical Members do not pay dues.


Once you are invited to join the company you may attend and participate in any of our workshops.

ACTING WORKSHOP  • The Monday night Acting Workshop is the core of Theatre West. Work is initiated and prepared by individual members, varying from scenes to full length plays, poetry, monologues and musical theatre. A moderated critique is presented.

WRITERS WORKSHOP • Writers may bring in long or short pieces for moderated critique. Many of Theatre West’s main stage productions begin to take shape right here. Only stage works are workshopped — no screenplays.

SHAKESPEARE WORKSHOP  • The Moderator guides the group through the canon. Focus is on understanding and interpretation of the Bard.

BETTY GARRETT MUSICAL COMEDY WORKSHOP  • Members bring in songs for critique from a moderator. An accompanist is provided.

ASSOCIATES WORKSHOP  • This is a curriculum based acting and scene study class for our Associate Members.