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In Memoriam


Gogi Grant

1924 – 2016


 ~ Memories of Gogi ~

My dear friend Gogi became famous through her gorgeous singing voice, but she loved to act and had some wonderful times working on the Theatre West stage.  I will miss her so much!

Beau Bridges

Such sad news. Gogi was an inspiration to quite a few of us who were spreading our wings in Betty Garrett”s musical comedy workshop. She came occasionally and was so encouraging to everyone.  It truly meant the world to us. And there was her support for our theater, the benefit show and I’m sure she came to many main stage productions. Gogi will definitely be missed. Especially by me. 


Lee Meriwether 


Seeing Gogi sing at Thursday night musical comedy workshop was like a master class in styling a song. Her voice was in her masterful control, her phrasing always told the story, and she had charisma flowing out of every pore!
Mary Lou Belli
Gogi was blessed with an amazing talent. A huge powerful voice in a very petite and elegant package. When she sang, not unlike Garland, you felt her heart in every lyric. She had a tone that I had never heard before, and she was very generous with her gifts. I didn’t know her  well, but her performances at Theatre West were always knock outs, and certainly inspired me to be a better singer and performer. She did a musical review “Glad To Be Unhappy” at Theatre West that was very successful  where she really got to shine. Her huge hit “Wayward Wind” was only the tip of her deep talents. Mary Van Arsdel helped me recall Gogi’s version of “The  Music That Makes Me Dance” and how it totally made you forget Streisand ever sang it. She was warm, and available to all and while I hadn’t seen her in many years, she left an indelible mark on not only the music industry, but Theatre West as well. She was an original, and will be missed.
Sara Ballantine
It was one of my greatest pleasure to co-produce a very successful fundraiser event for TW in the early 90’s:  THE THREE G’s –  Garret, Gould and Grant.  Three great artists, Betty Garrett, Harold Gould and Gogi Grant in one person shows each performing for a weekend.  All three shows were of course wonderful, but Gogi’s in particular was a revelation.  I was friends with and very familiar with Betty and Hal’s work, but Gogi was new to me.  Of course I was familiar with her hits from the mid ’50’s but didn’t know what an accomplished artist I was getting to know.  Directed by renowned actor Frank Langella, the show was one classy event.  Gogi was better than ever.  Her unique sound had improved with age  – mellow, incredibly controlled and full throated.  It was a thrilling weekend.  Later I got to know Gogi better and was honored to call her a friend.  She taught me more than any teacher ever (she often subbed for Betty in Musical Comedy workshop) the art of musical phrasing.   The world lost a great artist this week.  I will be forever grateful to TW for bringing Gogi into my life.
Kevin McMahon
Gogi Grant’s performance in “GLAD TO BE UNHAPPY:The Lyrical Life of Lorenz Hart ” won her a well-deserved Ovation Award at Theatre West and was one of the great performances I’ve ever seen.
John Gallogly
Gogi  Grant was an amazing, gifted one of a kind performer. I was blown away when I first heard her perform live at Theatre West. She was also a most generous and supportive artist…and it was always extra special to be in her presence. Celebrating this wonderful person today and always!
Eugene Pack